My wife and I were looking for activities that we could do together in the evening to keep our body and mind active – we looked at a lot of dance forms and ended up finding that line dance suited us both.  Not only does it provide physical and mental exercise, it is also social.  We developed friendships with other dancers which we still maintain to this day.

I began my line dancing in the mid 90’s.  Started my own club and evolved into competition dancing with the UCWDC including competing in the 2003 Worlds and qualifying for the 2004 Worlds.  An accident and bad back surgery ended my competition days but did not end my ability to teach and pass on what I learned as a competition dancer to new people who wish to get involved with a sport which I think is the best for people of all ages.

Before coming to the villages, I taught at the adult school in Morristown, NJ and gave an accredited class in line dancing under the phys-ed department at Fairleigh Dickinson (our local university).  I look forward to passing on my enthusiasm and knowledge to new people who wish to learn this sport.  My focus is to give the new (or confused) dancer the basic tools necessary to achieve whatever level they wish in this excellent sport.