Line dance classes are available in the Villages no matter what level of dance you enjoy.  Below are “loose” definitions assigned to classes in the Villages.

Absolute Beginner classes are for those with no line dance experience or knowledge of basic steps and step patterns. The inexperienced dancer will learn basic steps used in short dances. Easy straight rhythm dances are taught at a slow pace using these basic steps.

Beginner classes are for those with little or no line dance experience. Instructors demonstrate steps and teach easier dances. The pace is adjusted to allow time for students to master steps and learn basic dances. Fun is emphasized.

Beginner Plus (Also Called Improver) classes are geared toward line dancers who have some experience as well as knowledge of steps and terminology. Most students at this level have spent at least a year in a Beginner class or have equivalent experience.

Low Intermediate classes typically consist of many Beginner Plus dances and some Intermediate dances. Classics that are danced in The Villages and elsewhere also may be featured. Dancers at this level know line dance steps and terminology, have spent a year or two at the Beginner Plus level and are ready to move on.

Intermediate classes are offered for experienced line dancers who know steps and terminology and want to learn dances that typically are 64 counts and higher with numerous turns, tags and restarts. The classes focus almost exclusively on the most popular Intermediate and Advanced dances in the world as reported in weekly line dance surveys.

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