Thank You From Sandy McDonald

Class Modifications and Cancellation

    • Susi Akers Practice Sessions at Lake Miona on Wednesday, July 24 have been cancelled due to replacements of the building’s generator.
    • Beginning in August, Lisa McCammon’s Wednesday class at Rohan will start an hour earlier at 12:00pm and end at 2:20pm. Beginning in August, Lisa McCammon’s Thursday class at Eisenhower will start at beginner 1 rather than AB. Class will be followed by a non-teaching practice session at the beginner 2 to improver level until 3:20pm. For more information, visit her website at
    • Jan Hilgenfeld’s class on Thursday, July 11th has been moved to Big Cypress and will meet from 9:30 – 11:30.
    • Effective immediately, Lisa McCammon’s bimonthly absolute beginner steps class at Allamanda has been cancelled.
    • Marianna Spence’s Wednesday class at Colony Cottage is cancelled on June 12, July 10, and July 17. Her Thursday class at Fish Hawk is cancelled on July 11 and July 18.
    • NEW CLASS: Beginning June 15, Ruth Ann Strickland will offer an Absolute Beginner/Beginner class every Saturday at Rohan Recreation Center from 1:00 pm until 3:20 pm.
    • Jan Walter’s classes in July and August 1st at Laurel Manor are cancelled. The recreation center is closed for renovations for the month.
    • Susi Akers classes will be cancelled on the following dates:
      • Laurel Manor on July 4, July 11, July 18, July 25, and Aug 1
    • Sandy McDonald’s classes cancelled on the following dates at Rohan Recreation Center due to other events:
        • November 1
    • Jan Hilgenfeld’s classes will be cancelled on the following dates and locations:
          • Monday September 30th at Colony Cottage Recreation Center