Carol Hails from UK  her mom an American has Lived in UK & Orlando. She danced ballroom/Latin/ jive/tap/ etc. She’s a Certified member of BWDA (Best Western Dance Academy ) and UKA (United Kingdom Alliance (Dance Drama Exercise). She first started teaching line dancing some 30+ yrs ago– in their community  in Orlando. When her mom was sick and Carol covered the Class and after a few sessions realized she enjoyed it and opened a few classes.

Carol moved to the Villages when there were just 3 other instructors who taught through the college. She Applied for a room –and was given Southside pool. After a while the group grew too big for the room and she was given Pimlico where she teaches Wednesdays starting  6.30 pm 1 hr beginners & progresses to Improver/intermediate. A short time after that she was asked to teach Mondays at Hibiscus same format. She also hosts (DJs’) Fridays socials mainly at  Pimlico.

When not dancing Carol likes to play Golf/Bowls /socialize/ & eating out! Carol spends November to May here in Villages and May to November in the UK where she has classes and hosts Monthly socials.