Susi Akers grew up as a U.S. Marine Corps “brat” and has lived and worked across the globe, teaching middle school math and language arts for 20+ years followed by designing and troubleshooting internet-based training for the Marine Corps.  Susi and her husband Chris Helme moved to The Villages from northern Virginia after her retirement in May 2016. Susi is convinced that her passion for music and dance began even before birth as her talented parents jitterbugged right up to her delivery date!  Susi was hooked from her very first line dance class in June 2016 and now teaches the Absolute Beginner and Beginner classes at Laurel Manor on Thursday mornings and Satruday morning’s Beginner and Beginner Plus Workshop at SeaBreeze. She is a member of the National Teacher’s Association for Country Western Dance and is certified in Dance Fundamentals 1-3, but she has truly learned the most effective teaching techniques from the many amazing line dance instructors right here in TV. When she isn’t dancing, Susi enjoys visual arts and crafts, sailing, visiting kids and grandkids back in Virginia and Maryland, traveling, social and volunteer activities with her neighborhood, and, of course, spending time with beloved husband Chris.

Beginning January 16, 2019 I will be teaching the Wednesday class at Lake Miona from 9 to 10:50 am. The class will be:

  • Steppin’ With Susi AB and Beginner PRACTICE
  • Practice will not meet on the second Wednesday of each month due to conflicting event at Lake Miona.
  • Practice will include Ultra/Absolute Beginner or Beginner dances currently taught in my own and other Villages classes, as well as those frequently danced on the square or at socials.
  • Levels and times Include:
    • Ultra/Absolute Beginner Practice from 9:00-9:50 a.m.
    • Beginner Practice from 10:00-10:50 a.m.

PLEASE NOTE: I will not teach steps or dances at the practice sessions. I will “walk through” two walls, review any tags and restarts, and call steps for several walls as needed.

Because this will be an opportunity for us to practice dances from our classes, we won’t do floor splits, and we’ll do only the turns that are choreographed in the dance.

Because the dances will be taught in other venues, I will not send out weekly agendas for this session.  I will provide a list of dances that will be posted on this website. Click here to view the weekly class playlists.