I attended my first line dance class at a senior center in 2002 on a whim. A few months later when the instructor became ill, I volunteered to lead the class because I didn’t want to stop dancing and nobody else volunteered. Soon thereafter I started two more classes of my own.
I choreographed my first dance in 2004 and entered it in a sanctioned UCWDC competition in Dallas, where it won first place in its category and best dance overall. That was the first of several competition wins, and although I have not competed a dance recently, at last count I have published 85 dances. My choreography has been taught at events by Michele Burton, Lindy Bowers, Cindy Hady, and Rosie Multari, and Jamie Marshall teaches one of my dances in all of her beginner classes.

Peter and I moved to Florida in July, 2010. The following month I began teaching two 3-hour mixed (AB through I-A) classes. Currently, I teach one monthly and four weekly classes at all levels in The Villages, where I try to emphasize the “dance” in “line dance.”

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