Micki MacCumbee grew up in Parkville, MD and moved to The Villages with her husband Mac in 2008, and they live in The Village of Hemingway. They have two sons, Scott and Cory. Scott and his wife, Rachel, are both Commanders in USCG and have two sons, Anthony 16 and Reed 14, and currently live in Crofton, MD. Cory is LCDR in USN, and his wife, Liz, is a project analyst, currently live in Falls Church, VA and have two daughters, Emma 3 and Raye 1. Micki had two prerequisites for moving to The Villages so Mac could play golf and softball (1) that she and Mac do Patterned Partner dancing together, and (2) that she have her sewing room.

They started PP dancing and enjoying music at the three squares. Micki was hooked and started attending line dance classes. She attends as many classes during the week as possible, and only misses socials to visit her children and grandchildren. Micki says that teaching classes at La Hacienda is fun and gives opportunity to share her enthusiasm for line dancing here in The Villages. And yes, Micki got her sewing room and started a sewing club, Fabric Fun, in 2009.