Pamela Anne Reinert (call her Pamela Anne or she is also known as Dr. Pam) grew up on in a rural area of the Dakotas. She was the first of her family to finish college and pursue a graduate school. With her husband Roger, she worked over 20 years in child welfare.. She is the mom to seven – and says that two are homemade and five are imported. She also says you can tell some of the countries in which she has worked as her children are from Colombia, South Korea, Brazil and Haiti. Her love of dancing found a home here in The Villages. Pamela Anne teaches the “Learn to Line Dance on the Square”. The classes are on Wednesdays at Moyer Recreation Center and Friday at Sterling Heights Recreation Center. The classes focus on dances that are frequently danced on the square, along with other student-requested dances. Pamela Anne also does a “field trip” to the square twice a week to further their dancing skills. She is a member of the National Teacher’s Association for Country Western Dance (NTA) and is certified in Dance Fundamentals I. II and III. In addition, she currently serves as the Florida State Director of the NTA.